As a motorcyclist of over 30 years, and having ridden several thousand miles through Europe over the past 25 years, I can certainly recommend a visit to France for its great roads and countryside. For those of you who have not ventured abroad before a foray into Normandy is a great place to start (and I may be able to meet you at one of the Normandy ferry ports to accompany you to Maison Laudiere, for a nominal fee, so you can enjoy the ride instead of watching the signposts!). For the hardened motorcyclist we offer a great base to discover Normandy or a stop over location en-route to other destinations.

There is a large parking area to the front of the house and although a gravel finish, is firm enough for motorcycles - I ride and park mine on there with no problems.  This area is not visible from the main road. 

Standing in the garden is an old 'colombage' (stone and timber building) that can be used for basic maintenance.  A compressor is available for use if required and plenty of buckets, hot water and cloths for cleaning your bike too. There are also local motorcycle dealers for tyres, etc.

A drying room with dehumidifier is available along with laundry facilities including tumble dryer.

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